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an innovative gadget

for cloth face mask sanitation 

at home

No more everyday wash of cloth face masks!

Less than 3 minutes and masks are dry, clean and ready for reuse


protects your health

Enables easy removal of the germs and viruses that get attached to the inner and outer part of the mask. 

saves money

The Maskilizer enables use of the same mask multiple times without significant energy consumption, saving water and detergents.

saves time

It only takes 2.5 min for your mask to be completely sanitized. This is the fastest cleaning process for reusable masks.

saves the planet 

Any time you discard a disposable mask, it increases environmental pollution. By using this device, you are directly contributing to the protection of our planet.

Essential for every household

A unique device for sanitation of protective masks in a home microwave,

allows maintaining respiratory hygiene.
Saves money, time and helps to reduce pollution.

how the maskilizer work
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